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Permanent Wants Post

All the wants! This is the permanent wants post for me and for my fiance. Items are listed from greatest want to least (except for grails and customs who get their own spaces). If any of these pictures belong to you and you'd like them removed please message me!

Last updated: 4-13-18: Thank you to SerenitySamaa for being an amazing gifter!

Kanto Vulpix/Ninetales
Vulpix is my all time favourite Pokemon. I have a Vulpix OC named Pixie and Shiny Ninetales OC named Pierce. Both of which I hatched in my XY game, I also acquired a shiny vulpix from a giveaway blog on tumblr and have been calling him Penn even tho he wasn't given a nickname. Towards the end of this list are images with Kanto/Alola foxes, I want both but it was easier to put them all in one list instead of two.
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Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales
There's been so much merchandise, the wintery dolls have gotten their own section lol. With the release of Gen 7 I also have a sweet ice baby named simply...Fox, after a rather dashing thief.
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My starter for Pokemon X was a little female Fennekin who I later named Oktavia. After she evolved I kept her as a Braixen until like level 80 or something haha, I just love Braixen so much! Finally I evolved her to a Delphox and bred her some daughters, a regular Braixen named Kyoko and a shiny Braixen named Homura. Bet you can't tell what I was into while playing XD
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I've always liked Growlithe and Arcanine but never really knew what to do for him. It wasn't until I started playing White 2 that I found a good name/character for him. His name is Mugen and he is best friends/rivals with my Samurott Jin (hurhur I'm so clever).
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Another of my early favourites. I caught my first Ponyta in SoulSilver and evolved him into a Rapidash, he was named Artax after a character from one of my old favourite movies. (Cookies if you know what movie.)
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I started this collection for my Poochyena OC Deacon. He's really no different from any other Poochyena, except that he wears a black and white collar and never evolves.
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Finally named both my Deerling and Sawsbuck! My Deerling is a little girl named Fuu, after the Samurai Champloo character, and Sawsbuck is named after Ginko from Mushishi.
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My smallest side collection. Raikou is just really well designed and I love that his shiny form is so similar and so different from the regular version.
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I have been waiting for a goat Pokemon since Gen 2 so I'm really excited to finally have one! I'm a little sad he isn't water type (c'mon Nintendo, give me a capricorn!) but I'm still pleased just to have a goat. My own Skiddo/Gogoat is named Mifune after the swordsman in Soul Eater.
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These guys, they're so cute and I love them but they are crazy hard on both my wallet and shelving :B My eeveelu OC's are named Medici (Eevee M), Vinci (Vaporeon M), Leo (Jolteon M), Piero (Flareon M), Kee (Espeon F), Gogh (Umbreon M), Simon (Leafeon M), Nairi (Glaceon F) and Nicco (Sylveon M). Putting this collection on hold until after moving, may discontinue, still undecided.
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Bixby's Wants!
Bixby is my fiancee and does just a little collecting as well. He's mainly interested in Ghost types but he also enjoys Electrics and second stage starters. We've collected (almost) all the Ghost Tomys :D These are just some things I think he'd like. I'm sure he'd also like customs of his Jolteon, Donovan.
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These are items that are very rare or expensive and I'm not really holding my breath for.
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Pretty Purple Puppies!

Okay it's not really a puppy but they remind me of puppies.  I GOT MY PROTO DRAKE TODAY!  :D

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So excited :3  So yeah, Aramyss got her Brewmaster title.  Hoping for my Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm before the event ends.  Still no Ram but tomorrow's another day!  :D
aramyss by tox


So as some of you may know, Brewfest started on the 20th.  I've since been working hard whipping rams, drinking lots of booze and killing dwarves.  I think this may be Aramyss's favourite holiday.  =)  Here's a quick run down of all the kids since I'll be using this journal to track their progress.

Aramyss - 80 Tauren Hunter Survival
After killing Direbrew nearly 15 it has finally paid off, yesterday the Brewfest Kodo dropped :D  I was so ecstatic I flailed a little bit.  Ironically as the only Tauren in the group, I won the Kodo n.n  I have also received Coren's Chromium Coaster (+84 crit//chance to increase AP by 1000) and the Bubbling Brightbrew charm which summons the Brewmaiden and increases party members' stamina by 170.  Maybe tonight I'll get lucky and get the Remote and see the ram.  Also received the Murloc Marine in the mail :D

Sharayne - 60 Tauren Druid Balance
Using RAF she shot from 1 to 60 in a matter of days.  Unfortunately she is sorely under geared.  Hoping to remedy this with the help of BoA gear.

Zekena - 60 Troll Priest Shadow
Also using RAF she was granted 30 levels and because of this is also sorely under geared.

Vailea - 40 Troll Hunter Beast Master
She's the baby.  Nothing to report.

So that's sort of where everyone is right now.  Will update as changes occur.
vulpix pokemon trainer

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